About Us

The inspiration for Kashwére began over twenty years ago with the desire to create a unique yarn that parallels the elegance of cashmere, yet has the convenience of easy care. Out of this effort, Chenilla™ was born. Our blend, which is the original in this class of yarns, has earned a reputation for superior quality and softness. Our collections of highly-styled patterns, intricate weaves and solids are offered in rich colors and are easy to wash and dry, with long-lasting softness. 


Merri Gleckler, CEO / Owner of Kashwére, likes to say we are unfussy luxury for the discerning consumer—the ultimate harmony in comfort and beauty. We design and produce quality collections with a modern influence on classic styling. Beautiful design elevates the spaces we create for ourselves, and this in turn elevates the lives we spend within those spaces. Merri is the ultimate connoisseur of softness. “We believe in the importance of how things feel. How they feel against our skin and how they make us feel to wrap ourselves in them.” This sentiment is shared by our loyal customers—for whom we are grateful. Our brand is nourished by relationships, fueled by a love for Kashwére.