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Why Your Closet Needs the Everyday Shawl

What is wrappable, wearable, portable, and versatile? The Everyday Shawl, of course! Keep reading to reveal 5 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook the Everyday Shawl.

Why Your Closet Needs the Everyday Shawl

Why Your Closet Needs the Everyday Shawl

If hearing the word “shawl,” only conjures up images of your great aunt Edna, you’re missing out on a dynamic wardrobe staple. The Everyday Shawl is a Kashwére team favorite for its versatility, coziness, and effortlessly chic style. It’s also perfect for transitioning from season to season since it’s as warm and cozy as it is chic, but won’t weigh you down like a bulky sweater would. Wondering how a shawl could be so versatile? Don’t worry, there’s no gatekeeping here. We are happy to share with you the top 5 reasons you need the Everyday Shawl in your closet. 

1: It Combats the Office AC

Even though the office AC can be frigid, it’s probably not feasible to bring a comforter with you to work. (That probably wouldn’t be the most professional look either, but hey, we’re not here to judge!) If you’re looking for an accessory that is as chic as it is functional, look no further than the Everyday Shawl. It is generously sized so you can actually bundle up in it when your office-mates turn the thermostat down to arctic temperatures.

2: It Easily Doubles as a Baby Blanket in a Pinch

Heading out for a day on the town with your little one? Before you head out the door, be sure to grab the Everyday Shawl. Thick and fuzzy baby blankets can be too bulky to stuff into the diaper bag, but if you’re wearing your Everyday Shawl, you can opt for packing the lighter, gauzy baby blankets to keep the sun off your little one’s face, knowing you’re prepared if the weather turns chilly.

3: It’s a Spa Day Must-Have

Spa day is all about caring for yourself, and wearing the Everyday Shawl will certainly help you feel even more pampered. Make spa day extra special by walking into the spa and leaving spa day in comfort and style. Plus, you can take it with you in between services to stay toasty warm and relaxed. Even having lunch at the spa’s café will feel like a treatment session when you’re wearing the Everyday Shawl.

4: It’s the Perfect Travel Companion

Airplanes are another place where we would all love to bring our whole bed with us. Unfortunately, last we checked, TSA won’t allow this. The good news is that we have the next best thing. The Everyday Shawl is extremely travel-friendly. It’s simple and easy to take off and toss in a bin while heading through security. Then, while you’re bustling around the airport and heading to your gate, you can wear it around your neck. This helps keep your hands free for carting around luggage and keeping track of your boarding pass. Once you’re on the plane and up in the air, put it over your lap or wrap it around yourself like a blanket to stay cozy and comfortable. You’re sure to be the envy of your entire row.

5: It’s Provides Multi-Way Versatility

For those extra windy and chilly days, you can even use the Everyday Shawl as a Balaclava! Carrying around a winter hat with you can be cumbersome. Beanies can be cute, but beanie hair? No thank you. Having a scarf that doubles as a super cozy hood is the best way to ensure you stay warm while protecting your hairstyle from the elements. To create your balaclava, Simply wrap your shawl around your neck, bring both ends up and through the middle, and take the fabric by the back of your neck up and over your head to create a custom hood fit just for you.

Looking for more versatility? You can also wrap it around your shoulders, drape it over your arms, wear it as a scarf, wear it as a hood, use it as a travel blanket… Is there anything the Everyday Shawl can’t do? Plus it comes in three elegant and timeless colors to suit any season or personal style.

How are you wearing the Everyday Shawl?


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