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An Interview With Olga of The Natural Face Bible

At Kashwére, we are passionate about creating comfort beautifully. That desire fuels all aspects of our lives – from the clothes we wear and the way we decorate our homes to the way we take care of our bodies, it all comes back to self care. 

An Interview With Olga of The Natural Face Bible

At Kashwére, we are passionate about creating comfort beautifully. That desire fuels all aspects of our lives – from the clothes we wear and the way we decorate our homes to the way we take care of our bodies, it all comes back to self care. We truly believe that when you create an environment in which you can feel relaxed and at peace, you thrive. That is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Olga, better known as The Natural Face Bible, over on Instagram. For years, she has been revolutionizing the natural skin care world and advocating for the effectiveness of clean, simple beauty regimes. We feel that our aligned interests in self care and sophisticated simplicity make us perfectly matched to team up. Olga has graciously taken the time to sit down with us and answer a few of our most burning questions. Keep reading to learn more about Olga’s approach to wellness, skincare, and everything beautiful!

Kashwére: Olga, thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. We’d love to get started by hearing a little bit about how you got to be where you are today! How did you get into the world of natural beauty?

Olga: Absolutely! Well, to begin, I am a mother and as my teenage daughter was going through a period of troubled skin, we were both becoming frustrated with the options provided to us, even by dermatologists. None of the derm-advised products or methods were helping, so I started doing research on my own and eventually found a tiny company from Japan that looked promising. I immediately switched my daughter to their traditional formulations of Japanese skincare rituals which have been used for centuries. The results were clear; her skin got a total makeover! After that, I was hooked on the natural approach to skincare.

Later, as I started noticing changes in my own skin, I was seeing nearly all of my girlfriends turning to popular cosmetic treatments including injections and filler. It’s a great choice for some, but I was just not inclined to go that route. Once again, I started doing my own research on possible alternative natural methods that I thought might have similar effects. What I discovered was the world of facial massages. It was fascinating to me. I was heavily absorbing info on the subject on my own for about a year and still had tons of unanswered questions. That’s when I decided to enroll into a professional massage school. That was about 6 years ago now, and since then I am constantly continuing my education and discovery of new techniques and methods to improve my practice.

Olga demonstrating how to user her products while enjoying Kashwere.

Kashwére: That is an amazing story! It seems like your work has really had a profound impact. What is your favorite part about what you do?

Olga: For me, what I find most rewarding is having an opportunity to globally showcase unique and very effective yet simple products and methods that sadly don't get enough (or any) exposure in a field of beauty that is traditionally dominated by giant cosmetic companies. I love being able to shine a light on these amazing products and traditional techniques.

Kashwére: Speaking of these amazing products, what is your “holy grail” product?

Olga: At the moment, it is my newest discovery of 2022: The Balancing Collagen Cream, made with love in Los Angeles. It is a truly one of a kind product and is created using the most exceptional ingredients which are formulated to work cohesively together for incredible results. I also had the pleasure of interacting with the creator of this product and seeing the passion, dedication, and love put into creating this cream truly proves the difference between smaller companies and larger companies where the production of products is not so personal and hands-on.

Kashwére: Well it sounds like I know what is at the top of my shopping list now! On your Instagram account, you discuss “quality over quantity” when it comes to products in your beauty routine. Can you tell us a little bit more about what this means to you? What makes a product a “quality” product?

Olga: Essentially the idea here is that higher-quality products will give you more potent results, meaning you don’t need to buy as many “lotions and potions” if you have good products. When I look for high-quality products I consider the sourcing of ingredients, ingredient components – meaning no filler ingredients–, the benefits that each ingredient brings to the table, and whether or not it was created in small batches. With small batches, you tend to have more control of the quality of the product as they are more hands-on. As I mentioned with the collagen cream, I also look for deep passion from the company creators as opposed to CEOs who are only driven by profit. My guideline question to ask is: Is this product not harmful to my skin? If not, awesome! Then the next question immediately is: Is this product benefiting my skin? If there is no great benefit, there is no point in using it.
Olga wearing Kashwere while showing how to user her products from The Natural Face Bible.

Kashwére: That’s great advice. What is a basic routine you’d recommend for someone who is just getting started on their natural skincare journey?

Olga: I believe that skincare routines shouldn't be complicated. It needs to be something you can do everyday. I’d recommend starting with 3 basic products:

Kashwére: That sounds lovely. After hearing that, it sounds like I might need to refresh my skin care routine! With that in mind, what does your ideal Self Care Sunday look like?

Olga: My ideal Self Care Sunday can be described in one word: Calm. That means no stressors, worries, or overwhelming tasks. I focus on doing what I want in the moment and allowing myself to get pleasure out of it. Whether it is yoga, gym time, hiking, shopping, bath time, a massage, or even binging TV – whatever feels the best! Self Care Sunday is all about letting go of it all for a day.

Kashwére: We definitely agree with you there! You recently created your own Gua Sha – Congratulations! Can you tell us a little bit about what makes it special and why we should incorporate it into our routines? Also, how often should people be doing facial massages as part of their routines?

Olga: For starters, I think the gua sha is great because it is usually easier to master than the hand massage, and when practiced regularly, it can bring a ton of positive change to your skin. It does this by boosting fluid flow within the tissues, which ultimately enhances regenerative skin functions and all other tissues functions. This results in everything from tension release and skin improvements to smoothing wrinkles and more.

The stone of my gua sha itself is called “Moon White Jade.” In appearance, it really resembles our beautiful moon. It comes in so many gorgeous variations from milky white to more translucent with natural patterns. What I love about this correlation between the moon and beauty, is that the moon is very much associated with feminine energy. We call our cycle the moon cycle, for example, since it is typically the same length of cycles. From the beautiful, pristine color and delicate look of the moon white jade, to the spiritual meaning behind the stone – which is believed to make one feel calm and peaceful – this tool truly embodies the purpose of performing the gua sha massage.

Kashwére: I love that! Anything that adds relaxation and intention, we are here for. Currently, there seems to be a lot of discussion surrounding the topic of aging, especially when it comes to women’s appearances. Where do you fall on the spectrum of staving off the aging process versus embracing the beauty of aging gracefully?

Olga: One needs to do whatever makes themselves feel better. Do extensive research on all possible options. Make a decision based on that and what one deeply desires.

Kashwére: What are a few products you’d recommend to someone who has dry skin?

Olga: For dry skin, I would recommend alternating oil cleansing and rice bran cleansing. Then follow it up with a hydrating toner and a collagen cream or a vitamin D cream. Those would be my top choices from the products I carry! From other suppliers, I would try to stick to an oil cleanser, hydrating toners only (ones without drying alcohol ingredients), and a high-quality moisturizer.

Kashwére: What are your thoughts on “trendy” products like infrared masks and microcurrent devices?

Olga: Trendy products come and go as more research becomes available and many trendy products get disqualified even after short periods of time. That is why I prefer not to jump onto trends and opt instead to use products that withstand the test of time like the gua sha practice, for example. Also, remember that there is not much (or possibly nothing) better than your own hands! Don’t feel like you have to buy the latest gadget to have great skincare.

Kashwére: If you were stranded on a desert island and you could take one Kashwére product with you, what would it be?

Olga: My cozy Hampton Robe! But I would have to find a way to sneak in my spa wrap and headwrap, too.

The Kashwere Hampton Robe, Every Day Wrap, and Headwrap

Kashwére: If you could send a message to yourself at 25, what would you want her to know?

Olga: Don’t fall into the trend of tan skin and avoid sunbathing outdoors and indoors!


We’d like to extend another huge thank you to Olga for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope that you got some helpful information about natural skin care. We’d love to know, are you going to be adding any of Olga’s recommendations into your routine? Share with the community over on Olga’s instagram, @naturalfacebible. You can also share with us what Kashwére product you’d bring with you on a desert island using #mykashwere on on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be delighted to help you create livable luxury in your life.