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5 Ways to Maximize Your Self Care Sunday

Looking for ways to enhance your Self Care Sunday? The Kashwére team is here to help by sharing our favorite tips to create the perfect day of rejuvenation.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Self Care Sunday

At Kashwére, we are all about pampering ourselves and we believe that no pamper routine would be complete without a good “Self Care Sunday”.



After a long week, everyone deserves a relaxing reset. Whether you’re new to the self care world, or you’re a seasoned pro who knows exactly what their ideal Self Care Sunday routine looks like, elevating your day with Kashwére will leave you feeling luxuriously relaxed and ready to take on the week ahead. Here’s what our ideal Self Care Sunday recipe looks like:

Start Your Morning off on the Right Foot

From the moment out step out of bed, you deserve to be walking on clouds. Slip on our Signature Socks and Spa Slippers, for a delectable treat. Your feet will thank you. After making your bed, wrap yourself in the deliciously soft, mid-weight Hampton Robe and head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or tea.

Restock and Recharge at the Farmer’s Market

Once you’ve fueled up, pull on the Chenilla Hoodie to keep the chic yet oh-so-cozy vibes going while you head to the local farmer’s market. Just for today, we recommend not cooking at home. Not only will this help you get there earlier and snag the freshest goodies, but also because you’ll get to treat yourself to a fresh pastry and some organic fruit for breakfast! While you’re there, go ahead and stock up on some groceries and essentials like organic produce, farm fresh eggs, and maybe even some local honey. (Local honey helps alleviate seasonal allergies!)

Honor Your Body and Cleanse Your Soul

Once you’ve set yourself up for success with some nutritious snacks and ingredients for next week’s meals, it’s time to take care of your body. We’d recommend doing some light yoga or Pilates, but the most important thing is to get some intentional movement in.

Next, wash the cares of the day away and relax your muscles with a nice, hot shower or bath. Be sure to drop in a bath bomb or shower steamer This is a pampering day, after all, so go ahead and indulge! For bonus points, tie a fresh bundle of eucalyptus (you can plan ahead and pick this up at the farmer’s market) around the shower head. As the steam builds, natural and fresh essential oils from the leaves will be released and dispersed throughout the room for an extra spa-like vibe.

After your shower, towel dry and then wrap yourself in the Spa Wrap or Kapua Robe. With a super absorbent interior and a heavenly soft exterior, you’ll never want to wrap yourself in a traditional terry cloth robe again. Next, slip a headwrap on to keep your luscious locks out of the way because it’s time to begin your skincare regime. Remember to moisturize the neck and décolletage areas too!

Elevate Your "Netflix and Chill" Time

Next up, it’s pajama time! Go ahead and pair your favorite pajamas – we’d recommend a silk matching set for temperature regulation – with our Malibu Kashwére Lounge Robe, Lounge Socks, and Lounge Slippers for an ideal “Netflix and Chill” session. Our Lounge yarn is airy, lightweight, and incredibly soft, making these items perfect for layering to create your desired level of warmth as you put your feet up and watch some flicks.

Remember, streaming doesn’t have to just be for couch potatoes. If binge watching your favorite series fills you with guilt, try bringing some intention into your screen time and allow yourself to enjoy it as a moment of peace. While you watch, you can be giving yourself a lymphatic drainage massage, stretching, or even crocheting if your hands don’t like to be idle for long. The key is to be doing something nice for yourself as a reminder that this is time for you – You don’t have to feel guilty about that!

Cozy Up and Wind Down

Before bed, it’s important to allow your mind time to relax and get into a more peaceful state. (Especially if you were just watching a heart-pounding thriller!) This is a great time to head to your bedroom, dim the lights, put on the aromatherapy diffuser, and listen to some peaceful music or a guided meditation. If you have trouble calming your mind before bed, you may want to try out using an eye mask. Our Eye Masks are specifically designed to rest comfortably over your eyes, without adding any pressure or tugging. They will help you block out stress and focus on rest and relaxation.

This is the time to really curl up and sink into your sanctuary. And no sanctuary is complete without fluffy bedding like our Cloud Throw Blanket and Cloud Pillow. These fan-favorites are ultra-plush and sumptuously thick. In fact, it will probably be hard to get out of bed on Monday morning… sorry, not sorry.

What’s Your Ideal Self Care Sunday?

The beautiful thing about self care is that it looks different for everyone. That’s why we want to know what your ideal Self Care Sunday looks like. Maybe you break out the watercolors while wrapping up in one of our robes. Or maybe you meal prep after you’ve slipped on the Lounge Slippers for maximum kitchen comfort. We would love to hear your Self Care Sunday story over on social media. Join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be delighted to help you create livable luxury in your life.